Here’s a Teaser of the 2023 Honda CR-V – Why So Serious?

2023 honda cr-v suv crossover

What’s known by the automaker as the “Year of the SUV” has given us a new HR-V, a revised Passport, and now the 2023 Honda CR-V.

It may not ignite your passion, but there are a lot of people who are excited to see the new face of the 2023 Honda CR-V. This promises to be a more efficient, sportier version with more capability. That’s all we got. Honda is holding their cards close to their chest and only gave us these few spoilers.

Now, just because I had it on hand, I wanted you guys to look at the old (2022) nose, versus the new one. I added the images below.

This is last year’s Honda CR-V – and it was a huge success for the brand. It also was the first CR-V to utilize an optional hybrid system. Now, Honda says they revised that system. (Image: Honda)

In North America, Honda sold over 400,000 CR-Vs in 2021. The only automaker to top this number was Toyota with the RAV4. That North American Number is close to 470,000 in 2021. Still, a LOT of people bought the CR-V. Also, keep in mind that Honda doesn’t sell to fleets, unlike Toyota. As such, the numbers are even more compelling.

See the difference?

To be honest, I think it looks a lot more serious, and aggressive. The old CR-V was softer and less grumpy upfront. Not that making something sharper is a bad thing. I kind of dig it, personally.

According to Honda, more information on the ’23 model will drop this summer. We also expect to get more information about powertrains soon enough.

I like the rear design, as it looks sharper and a bit more unique as well.


Speaking of new Hondas and “The Year of the SUV.”

Yea, we WILL be going to the Honda HR-V event next month, and we’ll get a taste of what the designers have in mind for the future.