The 2023 Land Rover Defender 130 is an Eight-Passenger, Off-Road, Luxury-Liner.

Images: JLR

The 2023 Land Rover Defender 130 is longer, larger and more capable of transporting adults (comfortably) over rough terrain – for more dough.

Extended 13.38-inches over the 110, the 2023 Land Rover Defender 130 is 211-inches long, which is just a hair longer than the current Chevrolet Tahoe. Despite the extra length, the approximately 119-inch wheelbase is the same as the 110. The same goes pretty much for the front three-quarters of the vehicle. Essentially, the extra length is all about additional passenger and cargo space.

The seating arrangement is setup as three rows in a 2+3+3 layout. That is to say, the driver and front passenger do not have to worry about a middle-seat passenger. The other two rows (that includes the more spacious third-row) can hold three passengers each. Interestingly, the small Defender 90 has an option for a front bench seat. I would imagine that, if JLR was so inclined, they could make the 130 a nine=passenger vehicle.

Cargo space has expanded. With all three rows up, you get 13.7 cubic feet of cargo space. There’s 43.5 cu-ft behind the second row and 80.9 cu-ft of cargo space with all three rows folded. Oddly, it only allows for a few cubic feet of additional cargo space over the 110, despite the extra length.

As for the rest of the Defender 130 in terms of mechanical tidbits – they’re all the same as the P300 and P400 regular Defenders. That does not include the availability of a V8 – yet.

“New Defender 130 brings a new dimension of capability to our most durable and rugged family of vehicles. Its spacious interior welcomes and transports up to eight people in supreme comfort, enabling unparalleled sophisticated adventuring opportunities for families, with unique design signatures tocrea tea distinct New Defender experience.”

Nick Collins, Executive Director, Vehicle Programs, Land Rover

One interesting off-road note: the departure angle for the Defender 130 is 28.5-degrees. If you look at the stubbier 110, that one sits at up to 40-degrees of departure, but that makes sense. It’s still an impressive number, The Jeep Wagoneer, which somewhat competes against the 130, has a 21.1 degree departure angle. They were able to cut the rear quarter sections in a more extreme angle to achieve that number.

According to JLR, the 2023 Land Rover Defender 130 has a starting price of $68,000. You can configure it on their website now.