Chevrolet Drops The Revived 2024 Blazer SS, As An All-Electric Performance Model

Chevrolet Blazer SS preview
Chevrolet is reviving the Blazer SS, but not with the current model. (Images: Chevrolet)

Meet the next generation of Chevrolet’s Blazer SS.

The current-generation Blazer has been a bit polarizing for some folks, but GM’s next step for the marque is bringing back an ‘SS’ performance version. That’s what the automaker revealed on Wednesday — not only bringing the SS badge back to SUVs, but doing it with an all-electric version of the company’s midsize SUV.

Unfortunately, there’s really not much to talk about at this exact moment. GM put out a short video showing the badge on a wheel, plugging it in to charge, and…well, that’s all we get in 20 seconds.

Keep in mind, it’s been clear for awhile that Chevy will launch a full-electric Blazer next year. In fact, both the Blazer and its smaller Equinox sibling are getting the EV treatment for model year 2024. When it arrives, the Blazer EV will offer something between the size of a Tesla Model Y or Ford Mustang Mach-E and a Tesla Model X.

We’ll see a full debut near the end of the year, as the Blazer EV will launch alongside the Silverado EV next spring.