Do You Want an Affordable AWD “Super Car” That Can Do It All? Here’s A Great Choice

The boys just bought a 2013 Volkswagen Golf R, which is remarkably capable – for a VW.

Sure, spending $19,000 for a used car with about 80,000 miles may seem extreme; but this Volkswagen Golf R can beat a ton of new sports cars. The Mark VI version comes with a beefy 256 horsepower 2.0-liter turbocharged I4 that makes 243 lbs-feet of torque. Sure, it’s watered down compared with the European models, but is still halls. Not only that, but the former owner did a plug-and-play tune that has the potential to raise the horsepower about 10-percent. Being that we haven’t put it on a dyno, we can’t say for sure, but it certainly feels like it’s got serious oomph.

This Golf R has a six-speed manual transmission hooked up to a Haldex all-wheel drive system. The Haldex AWD system has a clutch installed in the rear axle’s differential housing and powers rear wheels automatically. It’s an extremely popular AWD system that resides in many European vehicles. For our snowy climate in the Colorado Rockies, it’s an ideal addition to a hot hatchback.

Tommy feels that the suspension setup, with the excellent steering is ideal. In fact, he feels like it may be more compliant than the recent Honda Civic Type-R. That hot Civic is definitely faster around a track. It’s a lighter, more track-oriented machine while the Golf R is an excellent compromise. Many of us feel that the Golf R is superior to the WRX and STi with comfort and design.

Still, we all know that maintaining the Golf R is going to be pricy. One of our friends had a similar model and spent a king’s fortune to maintain.

In this video, Tommy takes us through a detailed tour of the 2013 Volkswagen Type R. He does a hell of a job convincing us that it’s a better buy than something modern that will cost more than twice as much. Check it out!