There’s A ‘Groovy’ Electric Buick Coming This Summer, And Here’s What We Know So Far

This teaser gives the clearest* look we've had at the upcoming Buick EV

Groovy Buick — Electra, Velite news
GM promises 30 electric models by 2025, but we’ve yet to see an EV out of Buick…yet. (Image: Buick)

We have yet to see Buick’s first production EV take shape, beyond concept form.

Among General Motor’s current brands, we’ve seen dedicated electric vehicles either on sale or right around the corner, from the Chevy Bolt to the Cadillac Lyriq and GMC Hummer EV. And that’s just the start, as the automaker continues to emphasize some 30 global electric models will be out within the next three years. There’s one brand that’s been relatively quiet on that front, though, and that’s Buick. Soon we’ll see their efforts as well, at least if their latest tweet is anything to go by.

Playing off the General’s recent Dr. EV-il (get it?) Super Bowl ad, here’s what the brand’s account mused: “We’re fans of all @GM EVs, but this summer we will show you our dreams of a groovy electric future. We’re sure a mastermind who makes his own quasi-futuristic clothes will be impressed.”

What will a Buick EV look like?

“Groovy”, you say? Color me intrigued. Now, this concept could take a few different forms, but we’re most likely looking at a crossover, based on Buick’s trajectory over the past few years. After all, it now makes nothing but crossovers, having jettisoned the Regal and short-lived Cascada out of the lineup. That’s also where the market is, so the big question mark here is how rakish, sleek or groovy this new electric model will be.

Buick Electra concept
The Buick “Electra” concept gave us some idea where GM’s thinking, and we may see that name used for this upcoming reveal.

If it’s anything like the Electra concept the brand showed back in September 2020, then I’d be willing to take GM more at their word on being impressed and calling it the g-word (maybe bring Austin Powers back for that part, yeah?). The company also recently applied for the “Velite” name in the United States, so odds are we’re looking at that in the teaser above, if not the Electra.

The tweeted concept image shows a DRL not too dissimilar to the far more out-there concept immediately above, so that’s promising in itself. Expect whatever Buick reveals in due time to ride on GM’s new Ultium platform, though we will have to wait and see exactly how GM will scale that platform toward Buick’s forthcoming EV. Stay tuned for more coming up this summer.

Sticking with Buick, we actually mentioned it as a solid used buy in our “underappreciated” cars podcast below: