Video: I Rescued an Old Peugeot From a Barn, Now I Am Going To Restore It…Badly

It's a survivor, but this Peugeot is in rough shape

Peugeot 404
Images: TFLcar

Tommy’s rusted 1965 Peugeot 404 Wagon is a pretty rare sight in the United States.

Still, the Fresh automaker sold a multitude of them all over the world. Can Tommy restore it? Even now, if you were to travel to many countries in Europe, Aficia, Asia and South America – there’s a good chance you may come across an old Peugeot 404 Wagon.

Most likely, they are taxis of some sort, but they’ve been seen hauling everything from livestock to cadavers.

Tommy’s ’65 has a 1.4-liter, inline four-cylinder with hemispherical heads (yep, it’s a “Hemi”) and a four-speed manual transmission, which is column shifted. New, these two-plus-ton vehicles made about 94 horsepower. Not only is this wagon about the same age as AARP-Roman, but it is running around at high elevation. Add to that the extra several-hundred pound payload of extra parts – and this old wagon is at a disadvantage.

Tommy loves old cars, and he recently added an old Citroen 2CV to his collection that includes a right-hand drive, (somewhat) original Mini Cooper. Why? Well, the kid has problems. On top of that, he simply adores old things and this wagon is no exception. He feels that the 1965 Peugeot 404 Wagon deserves a restoration.

That means we have a series coming: Tommy (who has no experience restoring vehicles), will attempt to restore this wagon. While he is mum on the overall details behind the restoration, we can glean a few things off this video. This rolling anachronism needs help. For one: Tommy will need to work on the fuel system, and may have to rebuild some components… like the carburetor, exhaust, heads, frame, body, interior and whatnot.

It should be fun.

Keep in mind: the video you’re about to watch revolves around Tommy simply attempting to get the poor car from a storage facility to Tumbleweed Ranch. At one point, he needed help from another archaic source – namely, his dad. Stay tuned for the fun!