How Fast Is The Citroen 2CV? Here’s A Top Speed Run (Downhill In Crazy Wind)!

Come on, you know want to see how it turns out!

Citroen 2CV
(Images: TFLcar)

There are few who can debate the logic of driving an anemic Citroen 2CV in the Rocky Mountains, but Tommy will do his best!

Built along a similar logic as the original Volkswagen Beetle, the Citroen 2CVDeux Chevaux Vapeur”, was a blue-collar champion. After World War II, the French needed to restart industry, get its people moving, and do it on the cheap. The 2CV was a masterclass in design economy, simplicity and logic.

If you dive into the weeds of the 2CV’s history, the design was sheer genius.

Power? Sure, there’s some…

Making a paltry 29 horsepower, Tommy’s 2CV was the most powerful of the line – with a “big-block” 602cc engine. Sure, that’s tepid by today’s standards, but when it was initially produced, it made nine — yes, 9 — horsepower.

The thing weighs between 1,250 and 1,350 pounds, though, so it doesn’t need a lot of power. Still, with high wind gusts at high elevation, and totally flat sides…more power would be handy. 

Once you get used to it, the four-sped manual is a breeze to use. Basically, it’s a knob that you pull in and out to select a gear. That’s because it’s a rod that connects to a second rod, connected to the gearbox – a few feet ahead of the driver. 

Tommy is a lucky man.

the 2CV is not an easy car to roll despite it’s soft suspension. That’s good because it has almost totally flat sides. On top of that, it has tires that are as skinny as many moped tires. 

Things get even more interesting in the snowy mountains. The entire TFL Studios’ team gathered to watch this video. Why? Boss-man Roman had to push the little car up a snowy hill. It was far too entertaining to ignore.

In this video, you will see Tommy (& packhorse Roman) battle the elements in Colorado. All this, in a Citroen 2CV!