Honda Once Again Teases The Next-Gen Civic Type R At Suzuka Circuit

No more technical information, but we are inching closer to the full reveal

The new Honda Civic Type R. (Images: Honda)

Even with the camouflage, the 2023 Honda Civic Type R is a more grown up hot hatch.

We’re still some months away from the full reveal, possibly as a 2023 model. That said, Honda’s aim to bring an eye to the Type R’s development shows we are closer to seeing the final product than you might think at the moment. Sure, the automaker shared no more information with today’s batch of camoed photos, but they are testing it at Japan’s Suzuka Circuit…which should give you an idea of where the thought process is for this generation.

To date, Honda hasn’t shared any technical information on the new Civic Type R, but we can already check a few items off the list. It will still have a turbocharged four-cylinder engine at its heart. Mated to that, enthusiasts will be delighted to see a 6-speed manual transmission once again. As for how much power it will have? That is still a mystery at this point. The old 2.0-liter powerplant put out 306 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque to the front wheels.

After experiencing the new Civic Si, though, I’m wondering whether the new model actually will get any more power. After all, the brand’s mid-range offering is down five horsepower from the tenth-generation version (at least on paper). With Hyundai’s N division and Volkswagen’s new GTI and Golf R raising the stakes, though, we may see Honda turn things up a bit. Despite the subdued styling, we have seen the large rear wing and center exhaust, while some of these photos show the trademark red seats.

A few things remain to be seen, namely any huge powertrain changes — like actually offering an automatic transmission this time around — and what pricing will be. That last one’s genuinely tough to gauge with how ridiculous the car market’s been over the past year. However, assuming Honda doesn’t ask the world for the new Civic Type R, it should start right around $40,000…before the inevitable markup, that is.