It’s Official: Electric Vehicles Will Now RULE The Earth — No, You’re Wrong!

Have we passed the threshold for EVs? We argue it out!

Tesla Model S Plaid
Some modern electric cars, like the Tesla Model S Plaid, can outperform even the most exotic gasoline-powered supercars — at least in a straight line. (Image: Tesla)

Have we passed the watershed moment for electric vehicles?

You’ve doubtlessly noticed that more of TFLcar’s coverage, as well as most other outlets, has been shifting toward the ever-growing electric vehicle market. Virtually every automaker is leaning hard toward electric cars as the demand and our need to curb emissions grows. But companies like Tesla and even General Motors are taking a different path than what we saw a decade or more ago — where electric cars more or less amounted to a cynical marketing exercise meant to meet tightening government regulations, but gave little consideration to quality of life, range or performance.

Now, that picture’s changed quite a bit. In this video, Roman and Tommy argue out whether electric vehicles have finally asserted their position not just in environmental terms, but even when it comes to sheer grunt as well. The instantaneous torque and power from the Tesla Model S Plaid and GMC Hummer EV, for example, show that we’ve hit a new milestone for capability against their conventionally-fueled counterparts.

The GMC Hummer EV brings huge performance numbers to the table, but it’s also a pricey choice at the moment. (Image: General Motors)

Even with the wickedly quick Model S Plaid and the powerful Hummer, though, electric vehicles still represent a minority in the overall car market. So, will gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles stick around for a long time to come, or will these EVs ultimately come to rule the roads?

Whichever side you come down on, you can hardly deny that we’re in a period of monumental change looking at what the car (or truck) represents. For all the present problems with electric vehicles and the challenges we still have to overcome, EVs are drawing in more and more buyers each year, and we’ll continue to see them get even better in the process.