Another Dead Wagon — Volvo Will Kill Off The V90 After 2021: Report

The more dirt-worthy V90 Cross Country *will* still be available

Volvo V90 wagon
Volvo’s V90 wagon has been a special order deal for a little while, but it’s still upsetting to see another wagon roll off into the history books. (Images: Volvo)

The Volvo V90 is a fantastic wagon, but it’s still going away.

To be clear from the start, the Volvo V90 Cross Country — the lifted version of Volvo’s flagship wagon — will still be on sale. The smaller V60 wagon and S90 sedan aren’t going anywhere either, but it’s still a sad day for wagon fans. It’s a story we’ve told several times over the past few years.

Volvo V90 wagon

Look at the sales figures, though, and it’s easy to see the reasoning behind Volvo’s decision. Between 2017 and 2021, the automaker managed to move just 1,606 V90s in the United States. Compare that to the XC90 SUV, which sold 152,597 examples in the same period of time. When one of your family-focused models is outsold nearly 100 to 1, it may be time to pull the plug. That said, this V90 isn’t the sort you’d normally see on dealer lots, as they were special order. Dealers can actually carry V90 Cross Country models in their inventory, as Motor Trend‘s report points out, so you’re much more likely to see those on the road.

On the flip side, you could see this as a collecting opportunity. There are a dedicated few out there who are really into wagons. If they don’t snap a Volvo V90 up now, odds are they’ll come looking for one later. Rarity tends to help resale value, and in the meantime you’ll have a sharp-looking, sumptuous wagon to drive around. Back in the olden days, wagons were a Volvo hallmark, and they’re still damn good at building them — even if customers (sadly) want crossovers instead.

You can fortunately still get the V90 Cross Country should you want to prop wagons up a bit — check out one of our reviews below: