What’s Going On At Chrysler? Stellantis EV Day Hints At New Electric Model: News

We don't know much about this one just yet, but more information should come soon

While Dodge charged out the gate with promises of an electric muscle car, Chrysler may also have some new models up its sleeve. (Images: Stellantis)

An electric Chrysler? It could soon happen, as the brand’s designers show what’s coming.

Stellantis dropped tons of EV news on Thursday, including a forthcoming all-electric Dodge muscle car and an electric Ram 1500 pickup, among several others. Not specifically mentioned but still present though, is this mystery electric Chrysler. What exactly is it? We’re not sure — it popped up during the technology portion of Stellantis’ EV Day presentation — but it shows that the Chrysler brand will still be in play moving forward. Beyond the Pacifica and the aging 300 sedan, the Chrysler lineup doesn’t currently have any fresh blood. This sleek-looking EV concept, however, may just change that soon.

Electric Chrysler concept

Head designer Ralph Gilles shows us around the concept. “As designers, we see this [electrification strategy] as a tailwind — an exciting opportunity to take our loyal customers on a new journey,” he said. The aim is to bring the brands forward on looks and technology, and to that end we see a substantial departure from the Chryslers we currently know. That’s particularly true. with the production-ready looking interior, bringing a minimalist approach to the table, as well as plenty of screen space (this is the future we’re talking about, after all).

Both front and rear passengers get plenty of toys to play with, it seems, while this Chrysler will introduce Stellantis’ modern EV powertrain and platforms, should they actually build this electric Chrysler model. On the platform front, I suspect this will land in the same “STLA Large” platform as Dodge’s EV muscle car. The company plans four modular EV platforms in varying sizes, with various battery capacities. On STLA Large, this vehicle would have somewhere up to 118 kWh of battery capacity, and a range of up to 500 miles, at least if Stellantis’ claims hold out until production.

Unlike the other cars, there’s no word on when — or even if — this electric Chrysler will morph from concept to production model. Nevertheless, the brand looks like it will carry on in lockstep with Stellantis’ 13 other marques, and hopefully we’ll have more information soon.