2022 Honda Civic Sedan Video Review: Brilliant Except For One Three-Letter Detail

Three letters say it all, C-V-T

2022 Honda Civic sedan

2022 Honda Civic Overview

√ Great new interiorX CVT transmission
√ Good fuel economy in its classX New styling may be a bit too subdued for some
√ Impressive value across the whole rangeX Limited rear headroom

The Honda Civic has been a staple of fun, dependable economy cars since its conception. However, an economy car won’t find success based on name alone. Going up against competition like the Mazda3, Hyundai Elantra, and Toyota Corolla is no easy task. That’s why Honda sent the new Civic into battle with a few extra tricks up its sleeves.


The new Civic’s styling has caused somewhat of an uproar among Honda enthusiasts. There are many who feel the understated design doesn’t stack up to the radical wedge shape of the 10th generation car. The previous Civic’s “lobster claw” taillights have been ditched in favor of a more grown up set as well.

Overall the new car is smoother than the old Civic, with fewer angles and complex lines. The B-pillars sit further back giving the front end a longer appearance. Throw in some HPD accessories like the wheels and body kit pictured above, and the new Civic strikes a nice balance between subtlety and athleticism. By no means would I label it unattractive, but it doesn’t quite stand out the way the old Civic did.

2022 Honda Civic sedan

Interior refinement

Arguably the most impressive step forwards for the new Civic is inside. From the design to the quality of materials, the new interior is leagues better than what it used to be. Textured plastic, piano black, and a honeycomb vent design add a previously nonexistent feeling of luxury. The Touring trim gets a 10.2 inch digital instrument cluster with sharp graphics, and a 9 inch infotainment screen featuring wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. A Qi wireless charger comes standard on the Touring trim.

Another standard feature of the Honda Civic Touring is a 12 speaker Bose audio system. LX, Sport, and EX trim Civics get a 7-inch infotainment, as well as a 7-inch display in the gauge cluster. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are still standard, but not wireless.

2022 Honda Civic sedan

The new interior is noticeably more upscale than the outgoing model, and underneath Honda has improved its safety features. The 2022 Honda Civic uses donut-shaped airbags up front to reduce the chances of brain injuries in an accident. Structural protection has been improved to better insulate the cabin from impacts.

To help avoid accidents before they happen, all 2022 Civics come with Honda Sensing. This suite of driver aids includes Automatic Emergency Braking, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Keeping Assist System, and Traffic Jam Assist.


So far everything about the new Civic seems to be on point, and it mostly is. Sadly there is something missing though. Whether you opt for the 2.0-liter engine with 158 horsepower, or the 1.5-liter turbo with 180 horsepower, the standard Civic sedans are only available with a continuously variable transmission. A 2.0L Civic can get up to 35mpg combined, and the 1.5L an impressive 36mpg combined. That said, neither is an exciting powertrain due to their CVTs. It’s not a bad unit by any means, but in more spirited driving you can tell it’s designed to achieve the best possibly fuel economy.

Thankfully not all is lost to the ravages of variable transmissions, because two additional Civics are coming soon. Both the upcoming Civic Si and Type R will be manual-only models, so that will cover the driving enthusiasts. The Honda Civic hatchback will also make its debut next week, so with all the different options the new generation covers all different kinds of owners just as well as the old tenth-generation Civic did.

2022 Honda Civic sedan

Other than lacking some gusto, there is little to complain about with these 2022 Honda Civic sedan models. Our testing showed an impressive reading of 65 decibels at highway speeds. The car feels planted and stable in most driving conditions, and all-around visibility is remarkable. It is an exceedingly easy, hassle free car to drive. Even in nightmarish LA traffic.


If you want an all around great car with impressive technology, comfort, safety, refinement and value, the Civic has to be on your short list. My only major complaint are those three letters that let down the rest of the powertrain when it comes to fun. Thankfully, that issue will be resolved when the high performance Civics come out.

To see more about the new Civic in action, check out the full video review linked below.

2022 Civic TrimPrice (with destination charge)EngineMPG City/HighwayCombined MPG
EX$25,6951.5 T33/4236
Touring$29,2951.5 T31/3834