2021 Honda Civic Sedan Pares Down The Lineup, Kills Manual Transmission Option

You can still get the manual with a hatchback, and the coupe is gone entirely

2021 Honda Civic Sedan Pares Down The Lineup, Kills Manual Transmission Option

A new Civic is coming for 2022.

This makes slow-selling manual transmission Honda Civic sedans a logical choice for change. Besides, you can still get the hatchback with a manual.

For those who love rowing their own gears, sorry to say, the 2021 Honda Civic sedan will no longer offer one. It’s not like that many of you were buying them to begin with. Overall demand for manual transmissions has dropped so much in the United States, we may see them completely eliminated within the decade. Fortunately, for shift-it-yourself fans, Honda still offers more manual transmission options than just about any other automaker.

This makes sense given Honda’s need to re-tool for the next generation Civic, which arrives in 2022. Thus far, Honda has stopped producing the Civic Coupe and killed the Fit. This means, in the United States, the least expensive 2021 Honda product you will be able to buy with a manual transmission is the 2021 Honda Civic Sport Hatchback which starts at $23,100. With that being said, there are plenty of new 2020 Hondas on dealership lots that have manual transmissions. Maybe now is the time to buy?

The 2021 Honda Civic LX sedan starts at $21,050 before destination.

Nathan with the 2019 Honda Civic Sport. Photo: TFLcar

If you’re curious about the how the 2022 Honda Civic may look like, check out these patent images here.

It’s a shame that Honda is slowing the sales of manual transmissions throughout their fleet. Along with Mazda, Honda built some of the most rewarding-to-use manual transmissions used in (affordable) Japanese vehicles. We posted several stories about the Honda Civic Si coupe. Everyone at the studio enjoyed it and we even posted a cross-country journey. Even the Civic Sport’s manual is very rewarding to use, and we’re hoping that version will return in 2022.