A Look Overseas: Honda Reveals N7X Concept That Could Spawn New Three-Row Crossover In Some Global Markets

This 'BR-V' replacement isn't coming to the U.S., but some of its styling cues may rub off on new Honda models we do get here

Honda concept - N7X
All images: Honda

The Honda N7X concept appears to be a thinly disguised (overseas-only), Honda BR-V with seven-seat capacity. It could be a player here.

According to insiders, this Honda N7X concept is (in essence) the upcoming 2022 Honda BR-V. In the near future, Honda will reportedly update the popular model, sized between our CR-V and HR-V. Some Honda fans believe that something like the Honda N7X will enter the U.S. market, going up directly against the Volkswagen Tiguan, and Mitsubishi Outlander as a smaller three-row crossover than the Pilot.

Currently, Honda sells the BR-V in countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Pakistan, Brunei, Mexico and South Africa, among others. While it is somewhat larger than the HR-V, it is far less powerful with its gas and diesel 1.5-liter engines. Still, it was, and will be offered as a seven-seat crossover – as an option. This is where it could be a challenger to the Volkswagen Tiguan and Mitsubishi Outlander. Both vehicles are about 10 inches longer than the current BR-V, but it makes up for the size disparity with smart packaging.

This is the current Honda BR-V, available in several overseas markets.

This Honda N7X concept (meaning: New 7-Seater eXcitement) was unveiled in Indonesia as it is a bit player in that market. The video provides lots of clues as to new design elements. Perhaps more importantly, this concept provides a glimpse of Honda’s design direction on their world-wide production vehicles.

No interior shots of the Honda N7X

In the video below, you’ll see a few hints at what Honda did with the interior, but no official images. It’s a shame, the interior packaging is the highlight of the current BR-V.

Honda concept - N7X

“IF” the Honda N7X concept becomes the 2022 Honda BR-V, and IF it comes here, it could be a winner. Right now, the least expensive seven passenger vehicles sold in the states are the Tiguan and Outlander. Both offer a front-wheel drive base model with three-row seating – standard. Prices start in the mid $20,000 range. Only two compact crossovers with three-row seating in this market? There’s a good case for Honda to enter and compete here. That is, IF they can keep the procing competitive.

Check out this video and let us know what you think.