Ask Nathan: Even More Bronco Pickup Rumors, Fiat Bargains, And Chill On The Gas Crisis!?

Ford Bronco pickup sketch image:

In this week’s Ask Nathan:

  • Even MORE Ford Bronco pickup truck rumors.
  • Fiat bargains?
  • Stop with the dangerous gas hording!

The first question comes from a reader who has some information on a Ford Bronco pickup truck rumor.

Q: I don’t understand why we are still seeing rumors about the Ford bronco pick up truck when they are about to introduce a electric F150.

Two weeks ago, I sent you a email but I didn’t hear back. You did respond on Twitter, so I’m sending this email now. I came across the story and it seems to indicate that Ford is serious about building a Bronco pickup truck. Just look at the sketch and the information. It looks like they are serious. But I don’t understand why they would build it if everyone is going electric?
Does this make sense to you? Please see the attached link.

— A.Nemia 

A: I’ve never seen the sketch of a Bronco pickup truck before, but I heard about it.

First, let’s discuss why Ford would consider building a Bronco pickup truck. The Bronco line is already extremely successful for the automaker. The return on their investment is already paying off, despite all of the slow-down issues. Why let Jeep own the market when Ford is clearly aiming for the same audience?

Rather than build a Ford Ranger Raptor for our market, why not build a serious off-road pickup that competes with the Jeep Gladiator based on a Bronco? It’s essentially a Ranger platform to being with, when you think about it. Still, imagine the upgrades for the Bronco underpinnings under something longer. Why not charge a larger chunk of change for a Bronco pickup, rather than a Ranger Raptor?

I’m not saying that they are going to do this; it’s just my conjecture based on your question.

The other part is: the Ford Lightning EV pickup compliments the massive F-Series line of pickup trucks. If Ford wishes to expand their EV footprint among their pickups, they now have a platform to work with. It will still be several years before internal combustion engines fade out. With that in mind, Ford has taken a first step other automakers will have to take soon.

It’s possible that, with the success of their hybrid F-150, they may bookend the F-Series lineup in the future with hybrids and EVs. Those powertrains may find their way to the Bronco lineup as well.

I have to say: Ford is hitting the industry at several angles at once. It’s intriguing – no?

Back to the Ford Bronco pickup; that extending tailgate idea is epic!

– N

The next question comes from a fan who is look at Fiat discounts.

Q: (Via Twitter @NathanAdlen) Hi Nateee- Ol’ boy!

First of all, I love TFL and you are funny as hell! Also love your taste in rock GO RUSH!! I have a 2014 Fiat 500 Turbo with 120,000 miles on it. Only issue was a bad alternator, tire replacement and front brakes. Not bad I think! I love my little Fiat but its time to move on. I found great deals on the 500X. Want to stick to Italian identity you know? Saw your video and I think I can get one for way under its MSRP even now! It’s a 2020 but basically new. I like it. What do you think? Give the boys my best!!

— Jian79

A: I’m glad you had a good run with your little Fiat.

The 2020 Fiat 500X is not too shabby, but it’s not as zippy as your 500 turbo. It’s kind of slow, and it won’t feel as fleet-of-foot as your old Fiat. Still, it has a good AWD system, it’s much more utilitarian, and I enjoyed my snow-covered bash with it. Actually, it behaves like a little rally car on slippery surfaces, when you figure out a few things.

Honestly, I would recommend a Honda, Toyota, Subaru or Mazda product first – but I can see you like the funky Fiat persona.

I’m happy for you, but please remember: Fiat values sink quickly, so your return on investment will be poor. Still, it’s a happy little car. Let me know how it works out!

The last question comes from a fan who is truly upset at the ridiculousness of gas hoarders.

Burned H2 after gas hoarding.

Q: (Via: casual conversation) Some gas hoarders are insane. Do they not understand how dangerous and unnecessary their actions are? 

The reports of people filling up plastic bags, and plastic contains is alarming! People have blown themselves up all over the country!  

Image via Facebook/MotorBiscuit

A: It’s a hell of a situation.

I see shades of the toilet paper hoarding from 2020 in this behavior, only more dangerous. People are getting hurt by doing this, and some of the consequences are downright deadly. This who thing is absurd, and on top of that, people are hoarding gas in areas that are not affected by the hacked pipeline. By the way, supply is returning to normal from that event

Please, just calm down and use your head. Risking your life, and that of others just to bring home a few extra gallons is a terrible idea. Do your research, see exactly what areas will truly have to deal with the shortage. In SEVERAL cases, the people filling up bags, suitcases and Tupperware with gasoline were not even in the same state(s) where the shortage will kick in.

Even actual gas cans can be extremely dangerous if handled or stored inappropriately.

Please, please, please – think about what you’re actually doing!

Be careful

— N