Honda Reveals New Simplicity And “Something” Design Language Ahead Of 11th-Gen Civic Reveal

The aim is to cut down on complexity in new Honda models

Honda Simplicity Interior Design sketch
This sketch shows what may be the way forward for Honda interior design, inspired by the “human-centric” design of their early vehicles (Image: Honda)

The next Honda interior designs will take a step toward simpler times.

Simplicity and “something” — that’s the phrase Honda is using to describe their new interior design concept. Not the most evocative name, perhaps, but it does showcase a direction that aims to move away from the cluttered, overwhelming approach some automakers and cars have brought to the masses. Now, though, Creative Lead for Honda Interior Design Johnathan Norman describes an effort to bring back a bit of the “Man Maximum/Machine Minimum” emphasis, focusing on creating the most interior space with the least amount of mechanical components.

For the ‘somethings’, Norman describes parts Honda interior design meant to “invoke a positive emotional response from the driver and passengers” through special details specific to different models. So cars like the Civic may have special touches on the knobs or different materials to give it a different feel from a Passport or a Ridgeline — at least that’s how their design team puts it. “We are pursuing this design language with new Hondas we’re designing in the studio now,” Norman said. “It’s our ‘simple’ approach to design with the ‘and something’ that will help differentiate each product and make your future Honda vehicles something you want to drive and are excited to use.”

The first opportunity we’ll have to see that philosophy in action is actually right around the corner, on April 28. Honda plans to debut the all-new 2022 Honda Civic Sedan on Wednesday, and we’ll have much more information to share then.

If you’re interested, you can check out more on Honda’s design direction in the video below: