100 Ford Dealers Are Building Out Strictly Bronco Showrooms: News

They'll get their own area alongside standard Ford and Lincoln showrooms

The new 2021 Ford Bronco and Bronco Sport are proving so explosively popular, 100 Ford dealers reportedly plan to open spaces exclusively for the sub-brand. (Photos: Ford)

Some dealers are taking a dedicated approach to selling the new Bronco.

We’re still (as far as we know) a few months out from the Ford Bronco reaching dealers. Still, the demand has been so great 100 dealers are reportedly spinning off the Bronco and Bronco Sport from the rest of their inventory. Automotive News says the idea is to create dedicated spaces, featuring the iconic horse logo instead of your standard Ford dealer affair. “It’s such an iconic product that in an absolute way, we feel a Ford dealer is really adding almost an additional franchise,” said Gilbert, Arizona-based San Tan Ford owner Tim Hovik.

It’s a move that’s played well for Jeep over the past several years, and Ford’s chief rival plans to add hundreds more standalone showrooms to their network over the coming months. Dealers who decide to build out Bronco-specific showrooms will see “slightly increased allocations”. That would likely spur sales even further, and the figures have already played out well for the smaller Bronco Sport. Through the end of March this year, Ford dealers moved 23,356 units. According to Ford U.S. sales chief Andrew Frick, dealers’ decision to upgrade their showrooms is completely at their discretion. “So we have an option for pretty much any budget, and as we’ve repeated several times, it’s all strictly optional,” he said to AutoNews.

As the situation currently stands, Bronco dealers may complete their build-outs before a steady supply arrives. The COVID pandemic, global chip shortage and their effect on suppliers already pushed some specific models and options back into 2022. Right now, though, we should start seeing Broncos actually hit the streets in the next couple months.