Video: VW Comes Out Swinging! Can The All-Electric VW ID.4 Finally Dethrone The Tesla Model Y? Car Wars

VW versus Tesla!

2021 vw id4 versus tesla model y family electric crossover SUV car

The Volkswagen ID.4 is an all-new all-electric family car that is here and ready to compete against the likes of the Tesla Model Y and others. How does it stack to the Tesla in the real world? Roman and Tommy drive them back to back to figure this out.

The is the VW ID.4 1st edition. It means it’s a rear-wheel-drive chassis with an electric motor that has just over 200 horsepower. It’s a five-seater with lots of rear hatch cargo capacity and folding rear seats. This VW is built on an all-new architecture and a more powerful AWD version of the ID.4 is coming soon. The VW ID.4 1st edition models are reaching first customers either now or very soon. If you want one, all of the 1st-edition models are sold out at this time with a starting price of $43,995. Not to worry, the ID.4 Pro models will go on sale soon with a starting price of $39,995. Volkswagen says these will be available in “mid-2021”. The ID.4 are still eligible for the U.S. federal $7,500 tax credit.

The AWD option will add $3,680 to the price of the ID.4. If you want to use the ID.4 AWD crossover for some utility, VW says it is rated to tow up to 2,700 lbs of trailer (only if the trailer is equipped with brakes). We will have to test it out in a few months when these models become available.

Join the video for a fun and lively comparison and discussion. VW vs Tesla!

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