Carroll Shelby’s Own Cobra 427 Super Snake — CSX 3015 — Headed To Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction: News

It's just one of two Cobra 427 Super Snakes ever built

One of the most iconic cars in existence is heading up for auction next month.

Honestly, I don’t know anyone off the top of my head who doesn’t love the Shelby Cobra. It’s a bucket list addition to most gearheads’ dream garage, and this isn’t even just a “regular” Cobra. This is the late Carroll Shelby’s own 1966 Shelby Cobra 427 Super Snake. And you have a chance to own one. Well, nearly — it is going up on the auction block at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale next month. However, bear in mind the last time this car sold in 2007, it brought in a call $5.5 million.

This car — CSX 3015 — may well draw in a figure above $10 million. If the right deep-pocketed suitor comes along, that is. You never know.

It’s one of just 23 total Cobra 427 roadsters built. In 1967, Shelby American transformed the original car by way of two Paxton superchargers, mated to a beefed up three-speed automatic transmission. Road & Track then called it ‘The Cobra To End All Cobras’, and it’s sort of hard to argue with them on that one. The only other 427 Super Snake was CSX 3303, a 1967 example Shelby kept as a PR car. After they sold it to a San Francisco dealer, its final owner ended up driving off a cliff into the Pacific Ocean, with the sort of results you’d expect.

This one, obviously, has a less grisly story. In fact, Carroll Shelby recounted a story where he was pulled over by the Nevada State Patrol doing a “pedestrian” 190 mph. Now, whoever gets their hands on this machine likely won’t try that again, but they will at least own an iconic piece of automotive history.