Mini Takes The States (MTTS) 2021 Postponed — Aims To Be More “Geographically Inclusive” Next Year: News

Mini insists the event will go on next year, but the current COVID situation is too volatile to stage it now

(Image: MINI USA)

The 2021 Mini Takes the States even has been postponed – again.

Unfortunately, we have to wait another year for the next Mini Takes the States (MTTS) event. The 2021 MTTS had to be postponed due to the current issues the global pandemic is continuing to cause. According to the announcement, several owners were not only concerned about large gatherings, others have felt the effects of the pandemic job-wise. With all of the concerns, mixed in with Mini’s potential liability issues had the event gone forward, the decision makes sense.

For those of you who are not familiar with the Mini Takes the States event, it is a fan/owner-based even that (normally) happens annually. This is a combination event that brings Mini and its fans together for a multi-state drive. Thousands of Mini fans participate every year, and there are a ton of events that happen during the MTTS involving the participants.

Aside from amazing vistas, excellent roads and food, Mini set up small adventures along the way. You could easily wind up driving through a wild animal park, a scene out of old Americana – or drive over 120 miles per hour in a Mini on a race track.

TFL Studios has attended a few MTTS’ ourselves, and they were impressive.

Here’ what Mini stated on their website:

“The MINI community is reuniting in the summer of 2022 to drive thrilling roads that will take you through ten states of the USA. Together, we’ll zig and zag parts of the country MTTS has barely touched in our 15 year history. In the meantime, check out the daily drives and book your hotel rooms.”


That’s right – the next Mini Takes the States is scheduled for 2022. Fortunately, it looks like this one will happen as changes in the pandemic’s trajectory are finally happening. We expect to hear more details about the MTTS in the near future, so stay tuned!