Who Says A Tesla Model X Can’t Be A Work Truck? Dude, I Love (Or Hate) My New Ride

When fuel costs crush your bottom line, should you go electric?

Today’s Dude, I Love or Hate My New Ride comes with a bit of a twist. TFLcar viewer Rick Nowakowski reached out to us with his old Toyota Tundra that he uses as a work truck for his security door business based here in Denver, Colorado. Normally, that wouldn’t be the basis of a feature on our series, and indeed it isn’t here. Instead, Rick recently made the decision to switch his everyday work truck to a 2016 Tesla Model X crossover.

Normally, we hear the stories of folks using the Model X as a family hauler, rather than an out and out work vehicle. Rick still does use the car for personal trips, but it also is a practical tool during his regular work day. In the front trunk alone, he can fit components for locks, power tools, first aid kits and other small equipment. In the back, he can fit ladders and other tools he needs to work on a job without having gear exposed to theft in the bed, or if one of the security boxes in back happens to remain unlocked.

Among Tesla’s current range of electric vehicles, this Model X 75D stands out as the most work-worthy. It’s certainly the most practical in terms of space. With around 240 miles of range on a charge, it also has the ability to travel for a whole day without the need to stop and top up.

Who Says A Tesla Model X Can't Be A Work Truck? Dude, I Love (Or Hate) My New Ride

How much can you save?

Mind you, the Tesla Model X is a pricey alternative to, say, a Toyota Tundra in terms of purchase price. Remember, current models like our 2019 Model X Long Range start at $84,990. One major consideration for the bottom line, though, comes in how much money you can save on fuel. For the business, Rick says that running conventional trucks costs in excess of $50,000. That figure doesn’t include other simple maintenance like oil changes either.

What do you think, TFL community? Would you consider using a Tesla Model X as a utility work vehicle? Let us know what you think about it in the comments below!

As a side note, Tesla did recently re-introduce free Supercharging to Model S and Model X owners, so that could help a company’s bottom line.