Hyundai Gifts A Brand New Palisade To Parents Who Adopted Four Foster Siblings

The family has a total of a dozen children

2020 Hyundai Palisade - Hyundai donates Palisade to family who adopts four children

The Beauchenes welcomed four foster kids into their family.

You’d be forgiven for seeing the image above and thinking, “Wow, that’s one huge family!” Given how many children this Ohio family has, it’s only natural to seek out a large SUV like the Hyundai Palisade. But the Beauchene family didn’t buy this Palisade from their local dealer. Instead, Hyundai gave them the eight-passenger SUV as a way to pay it forward to a family that took in four foster kids, rounding out their large and loving family with a total of twelve children.

Admittedly, we at the TFL office don’t have a dozen kids among us, but we did have a chance to review the 2020 Hyundai Palisade.

Here’s the story: Good Morning America featured the Beauchenes back in November 2018. Don and Michelle Beauchene already had six adult children, and were planning on retiring, both from their careers and raising kids. Instead, though, they came across Lily, a foster child at the school where Michelle worked. As it turns out, Lily also had three siblings in foster care.

After looking further into adopting Lily, the foster care facility told the Beauchenes that she had a newborn sister named Lucy. Beyond that, Lily also had two other siblings. Don and Michelle ultimately said yes to adopting all four kids, so the siblings can grow up together under the same roof.

Since the original GMA story, Hyundai invited the family to the LA Auto Show to see the new Palisade SUV in person. Now that the car’s officially on sale, Good Guy Hyundai gave the family a Palisade lock, stock, and barrel for their efforts to keep the kids together.

Check out the original story on Good Morning America below: