Rumor: Nissan Ditching Many CVTs, Tesla Fanboys and Lady’s Night?

Is Nissan ditching many CVTs (continuously variable transmissions)? Some sources say, “YES!” [Photo: Nissan]

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In this week’s Ask Nathan:

  • Nissan ditching many CVTs?
  • You’re all (at TFL) Tesla fanboys!
  • Help me with Lady’s Night!
Nissan Pathfinder
(Photo: Nissan)

Q: Via Twitter (NathanAdlen@Twitter) Just heard a rumor that may have Nissan ditching many CVTs!

Nathan! Wishes granted! I was worried that they were so committed to CVTs that Nissan would put them in pickup trucks next!

Percival 10:55

This is an older Nissan Altima CVT (Photo: Nissan)

A: How did you come by that information?

Well, your sources may be on to something! Yep, I have a few sources that say Nissan is in the process of changing over from CVTs back to old-school automatic transmissions for their next batch of crossovers.

As for cars – no word yet.

Currently, the word is that Nissan will replace the CVTs in crossovers with automatic transmissions sighting long-term reliability woes. Their reputations are not very good. While CVTs are efficient, they tend to feel sluggish and Nissan’s CVTs have been stigmatized over the years. Many felt that Nissan needed to be proactive with their best selling assets – crossovers – before their sales slum further.

These crossovers could include the Nissan Rogue, Rogue Sport, Murano and Pathfinder.

Nissan is hurting right now and, along with massive layoffs, their ability to compete at a high level is being questioned. It doesn’t help that they had a run of bad press including Nissan’s ex-chairman Carlos Ghosn’s scandal(s). They need to plot a new course, perhaps this could be a good beginning?

We’ll see IF it even happens.


This is our new Tesla Model X towing. [Photo: TFLcar]

The next question/statement comes from a disgruntled viewer who feels like we are all Tesla fanboys and that we’ve lost touch with our audience.

Tesla Model 3 vs. Range Rover Sport SVR drag race
Our Tesla Model 3’s last drag race pitted it against a Range Rover Sport SVR.

Q: Time to unsubscribe from everything you guys do I’ve been here from the start but you’ve either turned into Tesla fanboys or just lost touch with your core supporters!

There are so many brands out there, yet every second day on here it’s a Tesla post

Ian E (via Facebook)

A: Err…. that’s kind of harsh pal.

Look, I’m no Tesla fanboy, but I acknowledge that we had a lot of excitement regarding our last Tesla Model 3 we owned. Roman and Tommy’s videos did very well and people were interested in that vehicle – the numbers of views and website reads reflected that.

At the same time, since we began our journey with driving Teslas – we produced HUNDREDS of videos about other cars and trucks.

H U N D R E D S – of – videos.

Personally, I like the tech and the driving abilities of Tesla products, but I hate the way Tesla treats automotive media and their customers. I admit, Tesla is leading the way that others follow, but I’m more interested in products regular Joes can buy. Teslas are still pricy and there are still real limitations with charging.

One thing you should keep in mind: we are a small production group. Our budget and fleet are small. We try to react and create content based on what our views want and what we feel they may enjoy. We have to make the most out of the vehicles we have.

One of many videos with our project Land Cruiser.
(Photo: TFLtruck)

Also, have you seen how many videos we’ve done with other vehicles in our fleet? We have at least a dozen videos (and more coming) of our project Toyota Land Cruiser. That’s not counting our written articles too!

While we did have a lot more videos with our Tesla Model 3 – half of those videos were about our repair issues. That’s important info for thousands of consumers who had no idea. Still, there were a lot – that’s true.

We have five (5) TFL channels on YouTube and three websites including TFLcar, TFLtruck and If we seem repetitive on one of these sites, there are several more options that have different material.

Sorry you unsubscribed Ian.



The last question comes from a fan who is looking for a fun “Lady’s Night” involving cars.

Q: Hi sugar! I love how you make me laugh and I just plain love Roman!

Both of you give my boyfriend happy days and I enjoy watching too! We have watched a few of your channels for a while and I wanted to specifically ask you about something weird.

I am in Stockholm, Sweden (in Sundbyberg Municipality) and we visit the USA all the time! We own a Jeep Wrangler and a Toyota RAV4 based on your recommendations. We are very happy with both!

My weird question is about what I can do with my girlfriends. Each month my coworkers and I go out and do a theme. Recently it was British movies and we dressed like our favorite British actors and watched Four Weddings and a Funeral.

I got the topic of cars. I don’t exactly know what to do with this. The night will be Wednesday in the middle of the week. I will be with a group of seven ladies between the ages of 20 and 60.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions. I look forward to your response. If you and Roman ever find yourselves in Sweden, we would be happy to meet you and I will introduce you to my friends!

Thank you Nathan!


A: Hi Olivia!

Thank you for the fantastic compliments – you made Roman blush!

As for a possible solution – here’s one idea:

How about you take your group to an hour of indoor Go Kart racing, then dinner followed by a movie?

Uber to the event(s) –

  • I did some research and found that GoKart Stockholm is one of the better indoor facilities around. Try to keep within your group so you can race against each other. That way, you’re not dealing with arrogant or aggressive drivers trying to show off. Take LOTS of photos!
  • Be sure to eat after you race. They have a bar, but you could always go to a nearby restaurant. While at the restaurant hand each one of your friends a wind-up toy car (they must all be the same and white). Have them decorate each one with a permanent marker to make them unique.
[Photo: ETNL Diecast Toys]
  • At the bar – or wherever you might go for libations, have “Drink’n Drag Races.” Set up a one meter long drag race track with string and pins. This will keep the cars going straight as they race against each other. The loser takes a shot.
  • Watch the movie during or after the drag races. I recommend the original Herbie the Love Bug, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang or The Great Race. These are fun, nostalgic car movies and some of my favorites.

I hope that helps. Please send us pictures!


Great stuff this week! Also, we had a great time with this live broadcast this week!

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