Walking Through Honda History: Peter Cunningham’s RealTime Collection Hall

[Photo: RealTime Collection Hall]

During a behind the scenes visit with Acura Racing, a handful of journalists went over to Honda Nirvana: Peter Cunningham’s RealTime Collection Hall.
The photo above is the museum’s main display. It includes a reproduction of the storefront of the first Honda headquarters in the United States. Honda established their first U.S. location in 1959 at 4077 West Pico Blvd in Los Angeles, California. Cunningham’s museum features everything from RealTime Racing’s Acura race cars to some of Honda’s very first automobiles. Along with everything in between.

These were a few cars that stood out along the way.

Acura Racing

[Photos: TFLcar]

Acura Racing has been active, and winning races, for over 30 years. Peter Cunningham has piloted many of those winning cars. In 2019, he won his class and broke the record for his division racing Pikes Peak. That’s the third time he’s done that.

The RealTime Collection Hall also has a mix of racing and road-going rarities. This is sort of an overflow room, it’s mostly dedicated to his Acura Racing team. Still, there are a few super rare Hondas in this room.

The main display room

Vehicles like the 1970-73 Honda Vamos (the yellow truck/car/thing in the middle) used a 354 cc 2-cylinder. So did the green Honda Z600 – at first.
The blue truck is a early 1980s Honda Acty.

The green motorcycle is a late 1970s Honda CT-70, Trail or Mini-Trail. The red scooter next to it is a (1981-83) 49cc Honda Motocompo. It folds up kind of like a suitcase to fit in the trunk of a car.

The second photo is a very rare Honda S600 Coupe with a 791 cc inline four-cylinder engine that produced 70 hp. It had a 10,000 rpm redline and could go over 100 mph.

(Photo: TFLcar)

When is the last time you saw a CRX in this kind of shape? is an incredibly clean 1985 Honda CRX Si. It’s the first year the Si was available for our market. Roman Mica had one a lot like this one.

Finally, the blue truck is a Honda T360 and the green one is a Honda T500. A Honda T360 had a 30 horsepower, 356 cc engine while the large T500 had a 38 hp 531 cc engine.

These are some of the best from Honda and Acura’s history that we saw, but what is the best of Japan now? Don’t worry, we made a video covering just that topic, which you can check out below:

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