The BMW Vision M Next Shows Off Electrified Future With 600 Horsepower Plug-in Hybrid

It even has gyroscopic cupholders

Behold, the BMW Vision M Next concept.

We’ve seen a few previews of BMW’s “Next” future, and this is the latest chapter. Meet the BMW Vision M Next, a car that shows off where the next M cars may be heading. The styling looks crazy at first glance, as you’d expect from a concept car, there are some resemblances to similar angular-styled cars like the i8.

You may expect the BMW Vision M Next to take the “Next” part to a full-on electric model. What’s surprising, then, is that this isn’t a fully electric car. Instead, it’s a plug-in hybrid which BMW claims has a total system output of 600 horsepower. That makes the BMW Vision M Next capable of 0-62 mph in 3.0 seconds, on the way to its top speed of 186 mph. BMW also claims it can drive up to 62 miles in all-electric mode before the turbocharged four-cylinder engine kicks in.

To put that in perspective, the current BMW i8 is capable of just 18 miles. It has a turbocharged three-cylinder engine as part of its hybrid system, putting out 369 horsepower. BMW claims the coupe can hit 60 mph in 4.2 seconds, so whatever the Vision M Next car ultimately becomes will likely be much faster.

Design elements

This ‘low-slung, wedge-shaped sports-car’, as BMW describes the Vision M Next concept, certainly has plenty of neat design elements to discuss. On its exterior, BMW fitted the signature, aggressively styled kidney grille. However, there’s also a substantial use of orange that draws your eye. BMW calls it “Thrilling Orange”, and it certainly does make the car look more exciting. The headlights also look absurdly thin, and BMW mounted the lights vertically rather than side by side. That creates a different look from present BMWs, which all have a “four-eyed front end” (BMW’s words).

The headlights debut what BMW calls “Laser Wire” technology. They use glass fibers coated with phosphorus to create lighting elements. That gives the assemblies a much slimmer form, although we’re curious how well such headlights would actually work in the real world.

You’d expect any BMW to be a tech-laden machine, and you won’t be disappointed here. Move on to the interior, and you’re greeted with a crazy-looking steering wheel to start. Beyond that, there are three screens placed directly in front of the driver, which definitely gives off a fighter cockpit vibe. BMW also claims a “full-surface Augmented Reality” Head-Up Display that stretches across the windshield. The idea here is to have a minimalist interior where all the information shows up in the driver’s line of sight, so they can concentrate on the driving.

Gyroscopic cupholders, you say?

Even the cupholders aren’t ignored in this concept. BMW says the Vision M Next concept has a “gyroscopic cupholder” that is able to compensate for “strong lateral and longitudinal dynamic forces.” That’s nice to know that your piping hot coffee won’t spill into your lap when you’re canyon carving in your 600 horsepower futuristic M car.

We’ll see how much of this actually makes it into production in the coming years. That said, this is an angular, futuristic and extremely orange take on where BMW M cars may be in the next decade.