These Are The Top 10 Longest-Lasting Cars And Trucks Sold In 2018

These are cars that have well over 200,000 miles on the clock

The Toyota Avalon was the only sedan on the list. [Photo: Toyota]

When most people buy a new car, they want it to last.

Modern cars keep getting more and more reliable with each passing year. That means they typically last long enough for people to get tired of them and move on. Some, however, just keep going and going, no matter the mileage. published a study outlining the cars and trucks that most often make it past the 200,000-mile barrier.

The research firm analyzed over 13.8 million cars sold in 2018 to figure out how many had reached 200,000 miles. Their top 14 examples all have at least 2.2 percent of a particular model hit that mark. Most of them were SUVs, with a few pickups as well as a minivan. “With the right maintenance and care, today’s vehicles have the potential to reach 200,000 miles”, said iSeecars CEO Phong Ly.

Below are the top 10 models to make it over 200,000 miles at the time did the survey.

The Toyota Tacoma kicks off the list, with 2.6% of all examples sold in 2018 past 200,000 miles. [Photo: Toyota]

Top Cars and Trucks To Make It Over 200,000 Miles

RankModel% Over 200,000 Miles
10Toyota Tacoma2.6%
9GMC Yukon2.8%
8Honda Ridgeline3.0%
7Toyota Highlander Hybrid3.1%
6Chevrolet Tahoe3.8%
5Toyota 4Runner3.9%
4GMC Yukon XL4.0%
3Ford Expedition5.0%
2Chevrolet Suburban5.0%
1Toyota Sequoia7.4%

Kicking off the top 10 list is the Toyota Tacoma, which isn’t incredibly surprising. Folks who buy Toyota Tacomas tend to hang onto them for quite awhile, which is way you see so many older examples still traveling here, there and everywhere in the roads. While the Tacoma has gained some tech and new sheetmetal over the past few years, it’s still billed as a strong, dependable option in the midsize truck market.

The GMC Yukon, Chevrolet Suburban and Ford Expedition are a few more examples of vehicles that just don’t quit. Look after them properly — as many families do — and these are great examples of comfortable and relatively reliable transport. After all, these are trucks underneath, so they’re built to handle years and years of hard work. They’re certainly not the most fuel efficient vehicles, granted. But, they claw back a lot of points based on just how practical they are. Between 4 and 5 percent of these trucks were past the 200,000 mile mark when they were sold in 2018.

2019 Toyota 4Runner Nightshade

The Toyota 4Runner is another great example of rugged charm and dependability on the list. More people are buying 4Runners, despite their aging powertrain and body-on-frame construction, which make them more truck-like to drive than your typical crossover. Nonetheless, it’s tough to really kill a 4Runner. Not only that, but despite their age, I’d argue they’re one of the most charming SUVs out there for their old-school character.

The Honda Odyssey and Toyota Avalon also scored well — both choices among people who tend to buy and keep their cars for awhile.

These Are The Top 10 Cars And Trucks That Last Well Over 200,000 Miles
[Photo: Toyota]

One vehicle smashed the competition

Then there’s the vehicle that one. The car — or rather, more of a truck — that has the most examples over 200,000 miles of the examples iSeeCars analyzed. That would be the Toyota Sequoia. What’s mind boggling here is that 7.4 of all Sequoias in the study have over 200,000 miles. Once people buy a Sequoia, it seems they’re keen on keeping it until they run it into the ground.

Again, the Toyota Sequoia doesn’t have the best fuel mileage. That comes thanks to its 5.7-liter V8 and now-archaic six-speed transmission. Nevertheless, it seems they’re tough as hell, as many of them have soldiered on well past 200,000 miles.

What’s a car or truck you’ve driven 200,000 miles and beyond? Let us know in the comments!