Want a Car That Will Last More Than 250,000 Miles? Buy One of These Models

Yes, Toyota is heavily featured here...But there are some surprises!

This new study shows the car, SUV and truck models most likely to last beyond 250,000 miles.

You know the old adage about getting what you pay for — but that rings painfully true with just how damn expensive new cars are these days. A new iSeeCars study looks into the vehicles most likely to get you your money’s worth by distance, measuring the odds they will last at least 250,000 miles. That’s farther than the Earth to the moon, and some models have a remarkably high chance of hitting that mark.

Of course, you probably know what’s coming next: I’ll go “Toyota, Toyota, Toyota, Toyota,” you’ll yawn and that will pretty much be the end of the matter. There’s a ton of truth to that impression, as the brand does make its fair number of appearances among the 260 million car, truck and SUV units sold between 2012 and 2022 that iSeeCars analyzed. However, a decent number of American vehicles make the list (namely trucks), as well as a couple models you might not expect to pass the quarter-million-mile mark so frequently.

Car and SUV 250,000-mile and beyond list: iSeeCars study (Honda Pilot TrailSport)

On the whole, the average chance of a vehicle hitting 250,000+ miles is a surprisingly high 11.8%.

At least I found it surprising, but perhaps that speaks to modern cars and trucks being relatively robust compared to their forebears. Vehicles that sit well above that average, mind you, are also popular sellers that are more prominently represented in the cross-section of vehicles this research study looked at. The Ford F-Series is the most popular nameplate in America by far, so it makes sense that some models in the lineup make the list.

Among the longest-lasting cars, the Honda Pilot actually lands in the top three, with a staggering 42.7% chance to make it past that 250K ballpark. Now, these are family car and SUV models that folks tend to hang onto, as are most of the others on this list. Nevertheless, for a model that’s only been around 21 years (the Pilot started production in April 2002), that really speaks to how well Honda engineers that particular vehicle.

The list: Top 25 Cars and SUVs most likely to last 250,000 miles or more (excluding trucks)

Slicing iSeeCars’ data, we’ll look at the vehicles most likely to go beyond 250,000 miles excluding trucks. We’ll cover the pickup side of the equation over on TFLtruck.com.

RankVehicleChance of Lasting 250,000+ Miles
25Mitsubishi Lancer11.2%
24Volkswagen Jetta11.7%
23Honda Odyssey13.8%
22Volkswagen Golf14.2%
21Honda Civic14.7%
20Acura RL14.9%
19Chevrolet Trailblazer15.6%
18Lexus GS 30015.9%
17Nissan Xterra16.2%
16Subaru Legacy16.2%
15Toyota Matrix16.7%
14Toyota RAV418.1%
13Ford Expedition19.9%
12Toyota Camry20.4%
11Subaru Outback22.3%
10Toyota Sienna23.3%
9Honda Accord27.1%
8Honda CR-V27.5%
7Honda Element27.8%
6Acura MDX29.2%
5Toyota Avalon33.1%
4Toyota 4Runner41.0%
3Honda Pilot42.7%
2Toyota Sequoia47.1%
1Toyota Land Cruiser47.9%