Report: Alfa Romeo Will Introduce A Small Crossover In Geneva, Slotting In Below The Stelvio

Alfa Romeo Could Introduce A Smaller Crossover In Geneva, Slotting Below The Stelvio
Alfa Romeo is reportedly planning to launch a new compact crossover in Geneva. [Photo: Alfa Romeo]

According to reports, Alfa Romeo is bringing a new crossover to Geneva.

Outlining its five-year plan, Fiat Chrysler outlined a new “C” segment SUV under the Alfa Romeo brand. By 2022, the brand also hopes to revive the likes of the 8C and GTV, as well as refresh its current lineup. There was a line for a “C UV” slotting in below the Stelvio, and we hadn’t heard anything on that — until now.

UPDATE 2/19/19: Alfa Romeo representative Berj Alexanian gave some insight on this report: “Alfa Romeo will be at the Geneva Motor Show in full force with our award-winning lineup and something new up our sleeves as well. We’re excited to show everyone a taste of what’s next in the world of Italian performance and luxury. Stay tuned on March 5 to see a glimpse into the next chapter of Alfa Romeo’s legendary story.” 

A report from Greek site suggests Alfa Romeo will reveal the rumored crossover at the Geneva Motor Show in early March. However, the site did not identify where the information came from. At this point, Alfa Romeo also hasn’t confirmed any reveals at this year’s event. The site also contends Alfa Romeo will build its sub-Stelvio crossover in Pomigliano, Italy. According to the report, it will be based on the Giorgio platform that underpins the Giulia.

Alfa Romeo’s compact crossover may share its bones with the Giulia sedan. [Photo: Alfa Romeo]

In the Fiat Chrysler’s push to achieve 400,000 annual sales for Alfa Romeo, it’s investing heavily in Italy. The company is investing $5.7 billion to renovate its underutilized Italian plants. Automotive News Europe reported at the time that Alfa Romeo’s crossover would also get a plug-in hybrid variant based on the Jeep Compass. With that, those plants will ramp up production of Jeep, Fiat, Maserati, and possibly now Alfa Romeo models.

We’ll have more updates when the Geneva Motor Show rolls around next month. Stay tuned to for more updates!