Can We Stuff Five Massive Truck Tires Into a 2018 Honda Fit? [Video]

Will the Honda Fit accommodate five huge truck tires? There’s only one way to find out

Normally, when you’re in the market for a small hatchback, there are a few sacrifices you knowingly have to make. What you gain in small, inexpensive, user-friendly transport, you lose in practicality. Surely, you couldn’t fit more than a few moving boxes or maybe a week’s worth of groceries in a 2018 Honda Fit…or could you? In this video, we put the Fit to the ultimate space test.

This is where the rubber meets the road, folks. Literally – we see if we can fit five 35-inch BF Goodrich tires destined for our project Hummer in the back of a Helios Yellow Honda Fit Sport. Will the tires fit in the Fit? Watch the video above to find out!

2018 Honda Fit cargo test: Will it Fit?
The Honda Fit can fit a bicycle, but what about some burly truck tires? [Photo: Honda]

Will it fit? Getting to know the 2018 Honda Fit

Honda’s diminutive hatchback has been around for awhile now – we first saw it hit our shores back in 2007. While we, Japan, and some Asian markets know it as the Fit, other markets – namely Europe, the Middle East and Africa, know it as the “Jazz”.

In our market, the Fit is available with either a six-speed manual transmission, which we have here, or a CVT. Interestingly, the engine in the manual Fit is slightly more powerful. If you choose to row your own, the engine puts out 130 horsepower and 114 lb-ft of torque. If you opt for the CVT version, that drops to 128 horsepower and 113 lb-ft. On the flip side, the CVT does offer better fuel economy – 33 City / 40 Highway / 36 Combined MPG. The manual offers up 29 City / 36 Highway / 31 Combined MPG.

Finally, there’s the Fit’s tire-accommodating ability. The Fit’s always had a useful feature in its back seats, wherein you can just lift the seat base back to accommodate taller cargo. Or, if you don’t need that, you can fold the seats like a normal hatchback. With the seats folded down, the 2018 Honda Fit serves up 52.7 cubic feet of cargo volume. To put that in perspective, even the Fit’s larger Civic cousin only offers 46.2 cubic feet in hatchback form. But is that enough to fit the tires? You’ll have to watch the video and see!

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