Drunken Olympic Skier Arrested After Allegedly Stealing a Pink Hummer at Winter Olympics [Breaking News]

pink hummer
[Photo: Twitter @yonhaptweet]

According to breaking reports, Canadian cross country skier David Duncan tried to steal a Pink Hummer while intoxicated early Saturday morning

When you think “Winter Olympics”, you’d normally think of all the athletic events, the medals, competing for glory. What normally wouldn’t spring to mind is an early morning, drunken car theft. However, according to media reports, that’s what alledgedly happened in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

David Duncan, a Canadian Olympic skier, his wife Maja Margrethe Duncan, and Duncan’s trainer William Ryan Raine were arrested Friday night for trying to steal the pink Hummer pictured above. South Korean police told CNN that, at the time of the arrest, Raine’s alcohol level was 0.16, more than three times the legal limit (0.05) for driving a car in South Korea. All three were arrested for allegedly stealing the vehicle, while Raine was also slapped with a charge of drunken driving.

The organizing committee for the Olympic games acknowledged the alleged theft. Chris Overholt, head of the Canadian Olympic Committee, said, “We are deeply disappointed in the behaviours of these individuals. All team members are expected to respect the laws of South Korea and all places we compete in around the world.”

Duncan issued the following statement: “We are deeply sorry. We engaged in behavior that demonstrated poor judgment and was not up to the standards expected of us as members of the Canadian Olympic Team or as Canadians.” Raine also apologized for his behavior and to the owner of the vehicle.

They were all released the following day, and police concluded their investigation. Available reports didn’t indicate that Raine or the Duncans damaged the vehicle.

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