Mopar Muscle Flies Down (And Off) the Track in this RWD vs. AWD Drag Race! [Video]

It’s a Mopar muscle shootout as TFLcar’s Hellcat drag races the Challenger Scat Pack and AWD Charger R/T!

Over the past few weeks, we’ve brought you what could possibly be the world’s slowest drag races. At the IMI Motorsports complex in Dacono, Colorado, we’ve featured a drag race between the Jeep Renegade and the Toyota C-HR. Shortly afterward, we brought you a drag race of the Jeep Renegade against its bigger brother, the Compass. While those drag races are fun to watch in a slow-motion kind of way, let’s return to form with power and brawn, shall we? TFLcar’s heralded long-term Hellcat returns to take on two of its Mopar muscle cousins. In one corner, there’s Quentin Weiss’ (Meanbee392 on Youtube) nearly-stock Challenger 392 Hemi Scat Pack. In the other, there’s David Ford’s (DasLlamas on Youtube) all-wheel drive, supercharged Charger R/T.

The Hellcat is obviously the horsepower king of this bunch, with 707 rampaging horses lurking under its hood. But while all that power may make the Hellcat great for burnouts, how well does it stack up against its two competitors in a mile-high drag race? Watch the video above to find out! If you’re interested in finding out more about Quentin and David’s cars, check out this recent episode of Dude, I Love My Ride below. You can also check out Quentin’s (Meanbee392) and David’s (DasLlamas) YouTube channels by clicking these links!

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Dude, I Love My Ride: Tuned Dodge Charger R/T AWD and Dodge Challenger 392 Hemi Scat Pack: