2020 Kia Soul, Best Cheap Craigslist Car and the Holiday Hummer? [Ask Nathan]

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    • What will the 2020 Kia Soul be like?
    • Cheap Craigslist Car?
    • The Holiday Hummer?

The first question comes from a viewer who wants information on the upcoming 2020 Kia Soul.

Q: I love watching The fast lane car on YouTube!

I own a 2009 Kia Soul and it’s the best car I’ve ever owned. It has almost 152,000 miles and other than tires the only thing I replaced out of warranty was the front brakes. It’s getting on in years and miles and I think I need to replace it soon. I was thinking of getting another one when the new model comes out.

Do you think they will change the way it looks? The only improvement I would like to see is a little bit more power. When I drive with three friends, the power is not very good. What do you think the 2019 or 2020 Kia Soul will be like? Could you let me know?

Thanks Nathan!

D.P Baltimore

A: Hi and thanks for the email!

Every generation of the Kia Soul represents a step up in quality and driveability. From what I have seen, the next generation Kia Soul may be slightly larger, and/or have more usable passenger space. New 4-cylinder engines, which are beginning to pop up in other Hyundai/Kia models, along with new transmissions are on the way.

The 2020 Kia Soul will look similar to the current one, which, in turn, looks like the original Soul. The bottom line is: it would be silly to change one of their biggest sellers too much.

Along with the regular models, Kia is working on more efficient offerings. There are rumors of an updated electric system giving better range and a possible hybrid. Think slightly less expensive Kia Niro.

The 2020 Kia Soul (I think it’s debut will be 2019), should be another step in the right direction, with or without the Hamsters.


This next question comes from a fan who bought a very cheap car on Craigslist a year ago.

Q: (Via Twitter) Hi Nathan Adlen! I don’t know if you remember my Twitter questions.

I asked your opinion for a super cheap used car that might last me six months or so. You suggested a bunch including Saturn. Well I bought one a SC2 with 160,000 miles on it and fixed it up a bit. One year later, it still runs great. So good that I decided to put new rubber on it!

My boyfriend found a new trunk hatch that kind of matches the paint and I replaced the radiator and thermostat last month because it was beginning to run hot. It doesn’t any more.

I paid $400 and added about $250 over the past year in used parts and a new alternator, radiator and thermostat. It zips along nicely and saved my ass when I was broke as hell. I wish other cars were as easy to fix as this one. Both headlights still pop up LOL!

Anyway, thanks again for the help and insight, I love my little car. I wish you and the TFL crew a Merry Christmas!



A: Hi Clair!

Delighted to hear about your success with the Saturn. I had a 1994 SC2 for a while. It was very reliable and fun to drive. It was a bit small for me inside, but it was ideal for driving in L.A. traffic.

Can you do me a favor? Keep in touch and let me know how the SC2 is from time to time.

Enjoy the ride and happy holidays!


The last question comes from our own people at TFLcar and TFLtruck:


Q: Did you guys just buy a Hummer H2?

A: Simple answer is – yes.

Fresh for the holiday season, the crew (Roman) purchased a 2003 GM Hummer H2, which we are calling the “Holiday Hummer.” That is, until it stops running, then it will be called the “Crippled Hummer” then, eventually, after much money is spent – the “Hummer from Hell.”

Hopefully not the “Burning Hummer.”

Should be fun and it’s worlds better than the Pontiac Aztek we had.

Happy holidays to all of you!


Speaking of the holiday season – check out our video for all of you!

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