Spoiler Alert: Is the Honda Civic Type R King of the Wings? [Video]

Early this month, we were lucky enough to bring a Honda Civic Type R to this month’s Colorado Cars and Coffee event. Of course, on of the Type R’s most prominent, and conflicting, features is the massive wing that sits on its hatch-lid. Given the enormous size of our wing, we did what any logical person would do. We brought the TFLcar tape measure and compared the Type R’s spoiler to some of the other massive examples at Cars and Coffee. Ours came in at a respectable 9″ tall x 58″ wide – quite a whopper! But is that enough to make us king of the wings?

King of the Wings
2018 Civic Type R Wing [Photo: Honda]

“King of the Wings” Challengers

Our first competitor was a Honda Civic, made to look like a Type-R. However, he left before we could measure the wing. Next was a Honda S2000 that easily had us beat at 14″ tall and 67″ wide. A crushing defeat, to say the least.

Alas, we did not give up! We managed to find a huge number of other cars with sizable wings. Subaru WRX STis, Supras, Evos and more! To see what else challenged the Type R on wing size, be sure to watch the whole video! See if you can spot a trend among the cars we measure.

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