Ferrari J50 Targa is a 680 Horsepower 488 Spider: Just 10 Examples will be Sold

ferrari j50 targa
Ferrari J50 Targa

Ferrari unveils the next iteration of limited production cars with the Ferrari J50 Targa to celebrate 50th anniversary of Ferrari in Japan. The J50 is based on the Ferrari 488 Spider and uses a specially tuned version of the 3.9-liter turbocharged V8 that pumps out 680 horsepower. Amazingly, this is more power than the Ferrari 488 Challenge race car the company recently unveiled for the 2017 season. The J50 has unique styling all around, the car was created by Ferrari’s Special Projects department and designed by the Ferrari Styling Centre team in Maranello, Italy.

Only 10 examples of the J50 will be produced and each one can be customized to customer specifications. Come on! Why couldn’t Ferrari build at least 50 examples of the car, so more of us have a chance to get a glimpse of the car.


The two-piece carbon-fibre targa top stows behind the seats to create a clean and classic appearance. The J50 design drew inspiration from the cars such as the Ferrari GTO, F40, and F50.

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