Want an electric Mustang? Ford and Fisher Price are here to help. [News]

Powerwheels Mustang

Big news from Dearborn as Fisher Price and Ford announce the all-new Power Wheels Smart Drive Mustang, just in time for the holidays. Available in blue or pink, this mini Mustang comes packed with features to help your kid be the coolest on the block. Among this list are features such as computer monitored traction control to help keep your kids from hitting any large crowds of people like big Mustang drivers do. Additionally, there is stability monitoring to help keep your child from rolling their Mustang into a crowd of people.

For the parents, there is a digital LED display with speed control from 1 to 5 MPH, as well as a battery monitor, so you know when its time for a recharge. One more safety feature is the slow start and stop technology, which rolls on and off the power to help start more smoothly and stop in a shorter distance.


Fisher Price is particularly proud of the built-in sound system, which includes realistic V8 noises from an actual Mustang. These sounds rise and fall with an increase or decrease in speed, making your kid feel like they are driving the real thing. Additionally, the same speaker, which Fisher Price says is the biggest they have ever put in one of their toys, can be hooked up to an auxiliary cord so that your child can play whatever music they want.

The price for the Power Wheels Smart Drive Mustang is $359.99 and the toy will be available for retail purchase in December, just in time for some holiday fun.

I think we have found a replacement for Roman’s Hellcat.

To see the toy in action, be sure to watch the video below:

To see how the big version of this toy fares against its toughest competition, check out this video: