Porsche Boxster vs Gold Mine Hill Off-Road Challenge: Baja Boxster Project Porsche Ep.2 [Video]

Recently, TFLcar decided it was time for our next project car. We ended up purchasing the cheapest Porsche Boxster we could find on Craigslist. In total, the car cost us just $6,000, but it didn’t come without its fair share of issues. In total, we figured that the car would need almost $5,000 worth of parts and work, just to return to good operating order.

Given that we have a budget of $10,000 for this build (including purchase price of the car), we would have to blow the rest of our budget to get back to stock. This sounded pretty terrible, and the car does still run and drive just fine. So, we decided to do something a little more interesting and turn this Porsche Boxster into a Baja Boxster and take it to Moab, Utah to test its new found off-road capability.


Before we do that, and before we make any serious modifications, we thought it would be smart to see just how off-road capable the Baja Boxster was in its current state. Tommy and Roman Mica took it to Gold MineHhill to see how the new project Porsche would do.

Terrible is the answer. Absolutely terrible.

As it turns out, low-to-the-ground sports cars with an open diff and no crawl gear have a very difficult time getting anywhere off road. Despite scraping the bottom a mere thirty seconds into the trail, Tommy and Roman chose to persevere in order to get a proper benchmark of the Porsche’s performance.

A massive 3″ boulder gives the Boxster its first challenge

To see how far they got, and get a good idea for how much work this Porsche will need, be sure to watch the full video above. And check back often for more episodes of season two of Project Porsche.