Jeep Grand Cherokee or Audi Q5? [Ask TFLcar]


We need your help. We recently received this email from Ryan. He’s considering a new used car and he’s not sure which is the best option. On his shopping list he has the Jeep Grand Cherokee and the Audi Q5:

I just wanted to say that I love your YouTube channel and appreciate all of the honest feedback and good material you guys bring to every episode.

My wife and I are expecting our first kid early next year and we are looking to trade in one of our vehicles for an SUV.

My history of cars, I have only owned a 97 Cherokee, 98 Grand Cherokee, 2000 Grand Cherokee, and a 2005 Grand Cherokee. A few years ago I bought the 2015 Chrysler 200c AWD with every option and it has exceeded my expectations especially going over Mt. Hood pass multiple times every year and winter to visit my parents in central Oregon. Only issue is now with a dog and kid on the way we are looking for something a little larger.

I personally like the Grand for obvious reasons and my wife has always loved the Q5. I recently found a 2014 used GC limited 3.6L with everything such as the heated seats and steering wheel, backup camera but no navigation and a sunroof which is not really a deal breaker with around 50K. We also found a 2013 Q5 premium plus 2.0T with almost every feature for basically the same price and same mileage.

With all of your experience and knowledge of these vehicles for comparison, I would love to know your take on which vehicle you might lean towards in this case.

Keep up the great work! Thanks again!


Ryan my advice would be if you want to go off-road and/or tow buy the Jeep, but if you plan to never (or very rarely) go off-road and don’t plan to tow get the Audi.

Both are great cars and both will serve you well. However that’s just my opinion.

Please be so kind and help Ryan in the comments below. We’d love to know what you would advise and why. Thanks!