Would Honda’s WR-V mini crossover work in the United States? [News]

Honda WR-V concept

Honda recently released a sketch of the forthcoming WR-V crossover in advance of its unveiling at the Sao Paulo International Auto Show in Brazil, but could the South America-only crossover work in the States?

The car, which was designed by Honda R&D Brazil specifically for the South American market, is a small crossover designed to be “tough and urban” according to Honda. Like most Honda crossovers, it promises to have a lot of utility in a small package.

The WR-V – which, interestingly, stands for “winsome runabout vehicle” – will join the CR-V and HR-V in the market, but the company doesn’t say whether it will sit between the two or below the HR-V. It is most likely based on the Fit platform, just like the HR-V, so it should have a similar size, but from the sketch it looks to be a little smaller, or at least have a tighter cabin.

With American consumers’ insatiable appetite for crossovers of all sizes, would the WR-V make sense in the United States? With the HR-V selling well and with the CR-V being the best selling crossover in the country right now, the company doesn’t really need another entry. However, the WR-V’s bolder, more rugged styling might make it more competitive with cars like the Jeep Renegade and Subaru Crosstrek, as the HR-V and CR-V tend to be softer, more road- and family-oriented crossovers as opposed to the rugged, outdoorsy Jeep and Subaru.

The WR-V will be introduced in Brazil first, then to other South American countries. The Sao Paulo auto show runs from November 10-20, with press days from November 8-9.

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