Top 5 Debuts to Expect from the 2016 Paris Motor Show [News]

It would appear that auto show season, much like football, is finally back upon us. Tomorrow marks the beginning of the 2016 Paris Motor Show, one of the biggest in the world. With such a large auto show come many highly anticipated reveals, so we thought we’d compile our list of the top 5 reveals to expect from the paris auto show.

Disclaimer: Most, but not all of these reveals have been officially confirmed.

5. BMW 5 Series Facelift

BMW’s luxury sedan could be seeing a facelift at the Paris Motor Show this year. Although the looks will change a little, it is the technological improvements that make this car something to pay attention to. We expect a good amount of improvements in the semi-autonomous driving category such as the ability to park and un-park itself without the driver in the car. Who knows what other autonomous features the car could have. Regardless, it will be fun to see what the 5-series has to offer.

2017 bmw 5-series spied spy prototype
2017 BMW 5-Series prototype

4. Audi Q5 Facelift

The Audi Q5 was released in 2009 and has taken the crossover market by storm. Updated only once in 2014, the Q5 is just about due for another facelift and the Paris Motor Show could very well be the place for such a reveal to happen. We expect the new Q5 to be on the MLB platform, but feature significant weight savings to increase both performance and efficiency.


3. Land Rover Discovery (5th Generation)

The Land Rover Discovery, later known as the LR3 and then LR4, will be receiving an update in Paris. Featuring a completely new body, and a return to the old name, the new Discovery could be a great option in the luxury off-road segment.


2. Volkswagen EV Concept

The fine folks at Volkswagen are planning to reveal a fully electric vehicle at the Paris Motor Show. Following the Dieselgate scandal, it seems the German automaker is doubling down on electric vehicles and this could help them grab more of the ever growing EV market. According to VW’s head of brand, Herbert Diess, the EV concept will have a footprint roughly the size of a Golf, but will offer the interior room of a Passat. Presumably the car will be a very tall hatchback in order to accommodate so much interior room. With this update, we could also see a facelift in both the Golf and CC lines from VW, so keep your eyes open for a facelift on those vehicles.


1. Mercedes-Benz All-Electric SUV

Mercedes will be looking to take a stab into the EV market with an all electric SUV that should be revealed in Paris. This concept SUV should lead to a production model in 2019 that may offer over 300 miles of range. Rivaling the Tesla model X, the Mercedes SUV concept could offer consumers a promising new vehicle in the EV market.