DIY Toyota 4Runner Bumper Build – DiffLock Ep.14 [Video]

In episode 14 of TFL’s DiffLock series, the boys decide to try their hand at a building a DIY Toyota 4Runner Bumper Build.

Matt was unhappy with the look and functionality of his Toyota’s stock bumper and felt it was about time to replace it. But given that some tube-frame bumpers can cost upwards of $600 and that our boys aren’t exactly rolling in cash at the moment, Tommy, Alex, and Matt decided to build their own in stead for a fraction of the cost.

Using about $80 worth of metal from the local welding supply store, the boys were able to construct a pretty solid bumper with the equipment available to them.


As a test, they all took turns standing on their work to ensure that the bumper felt like it was solidly in place. Now all that is left to take the ‘Yota off road and see how their DIY bumper holds up during real-world testing. Make sure to watch the full video above to see how the custom DIY bumper turned out!