Is This the Production 2017 Honda Clarity Electric Caught in the Wild? [Spied]

2017 honda clarity ev electric
2017 Honda Clarity (by Owen)

The 2017 Honda Clarity fuel cell electric sedan is expected to go on sale in the United States at the end of calendar year 2016. Honda has a three-prong plan related to the Clarity sedan. The hydrogen fuel cell version of the car will go on sale first. This car uses Hydrogen as a fuel to generate electricity for the car’s electric motors. It will be followed by an electric Clarity you can simply charge, and a plug-in gas/electric hybrid.

(by Owen)

This black sedan caught on a California highway does not have any Honda badges, but it does have the distinct design features of the Clarity. It has clear tail light lenses, instead of the red ones in the images that Honda officially released.

Which version of the Clarity is this? It’s difficult to say from these image, but it’s clear (pun intended) that the Clarity development is moving along nicely as this car looks production ready.

Here is a look at an early fuel cell concept car – the Honda FCEV.