Acura NSX vs Nissan GTR, Car or Truck and You’re totally Biased [Ask Nathan]


In this edition of Ask Nathan:

  • NSX or GTR?
  • Car or truck?
  • You guys are totally biased!

Today’s first question comes from a new fan who wants to know which Japanese super car, the Nissan GTR or 2017 Acura NSX, would we choose – based on looks.

2017 Acura NSX

Roman and Nathan. Curious about your opinions. Would you rather get a Nissan GTR or Acura NSX based on looks?

I know the Acura NSX is newer and more technically advanced, but it looks nothing like the amazing original. I know that the Nissan GTR is old, but it will have a new nose soon. I like them both, but I can’t decide which one I like better. Which one do you think is better looking?


nissan gt-r nismo n attack package

A: Greetings Chad!

Putting aside performance and price, what do we think of the looks of the 2017 Acura NSX and Nissan GTR? We both like the sleek design of the 2017 Acura NSX and would consider it one of the more attractive Japanese super cars, especially when compared to the Lexus LFA.

I like the Nissan GTR a lot. It is one of the best driving vehicles in the world. Despite not driving one for three years, I still believe it to be a true hero of a car. It’s getting a new nose and some updates, but it’s still the same car. That is to say, it’s not as elegant or smooth in its aesthetic design. Roman likes a sophisticated look and feels the 2017 Acura NSX is less “Boy Racer” to look at.

Hope that helps!


2015 GMC Yukon vs Land Rover LR4

This next question is from a fan who is trying to decide: truck or car?

Q: I’m ready for a new vehicle and I need some advice from you guys please.

What would you guys rather have.. 2016 Stingray 2LZ or a 2016 Denali Duramax HD?? Both are close in price and I already have an 01 2500 HD (gas) and an 88 IROC so necessity doesn’t come into play. Just want something new and cool.

Thanks and I love the YouTube channels!

A: Wow…

This is a tough one as your two choices are completely off-the-charts different. It’s like choosing between an F-16 fighter plane or a M1 Abrams tank! Still, I think (between the two of us) we have an opinion.

Roman is more of a track-day guy than I. On the other hand, I enjoy bashing trucks a little bit more than Roman. Simply put, Roman would get the Corvette as it is one of the best Corvettes built and I would get the GMC Denali with the Duramax.

Both are great and we envy your options!


The last question is from a viewer that thinks we’re totally biased.

The 2015 Volkswagen Passat SEL is powered by a standard, quite peppy 1.8-L turbocharged four-cylinder engine.
The 2015 Volkswagen Passat SEL is powered by a standard, quite peppy 1.8-L turbocharged four-cylinder engine.

Q:Nathan. Every single person connected to TFLcar and TFLtruck are totally biased!

It’s so obvious! You own a Jeep and you love Jeeps! Roman owns a Ford truck and he loves Ford! You always tout Volkswagen GTI despite seeing how corrupt the company is. You hate everything Japanese and Korean too!

Why not admit it and move on?


2015 Volkswagen Golf TDI

A: Interesting perspective, but you’re a little off.

First of all: I do not own a Jeep right now. I own three (3) Japanese vehicles.

Yes, Roman likes his Ford truck, but he has never favored Ford on any of our Gold Hitch Award deliberations, even though he had plenty of opportunities to do so.

Despite your anger towards Volkswagen, which may be well founded, we cannot deny that one of the best hot hatchbacks on the market is the Volkswagen GTI. Sorry, can’t do it.

Look Roy, we call them as we see them. The problem is, you don’t. Rather than watch many of our videos on various vehicles, you opted to chose a few that didn’t agree with your point of view. Rather than make false statements and accusations, look at all the facts – which you (obviously) haven’t bothered to do.

I’m proud of my TFL family and we work hard to be as evenhanded as possible, but we’re not perfect. Next time you opt to send something to us, please include some specific examples.



Speaking of JEEP!

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