Weird Driving Laws from Around the World [Infographic]


If you live in a no-texting-while-driving state you may think you have it rough. Although it’s extremely dangerous and irresponsible towards other drivers on the road, the law itself is pretty tame compared to what other motorists around the world are subjected to. Foreign driving laws range from harsh to downright strange. Surprising and weird driving laws from around the world touch on subjects such as corpses in taxis, livestock, and, ahem… used underwear. Our neighbors to the north even have a law based on the width of a person’s hand.

Some of the laws in the United States may surprise you as well. For example, many people assume having an open container of your favorite adult beverage or drinking it in a moving vehicle is a big no-no in the good ole’ U.S. of A. That’s not always the case, however. Did you know that in ten states it’s actually okay as a passenger to have a sip now and then? In Mississippi it’s actually allowable for the driver to consume alcohol as long as he or she does not exceed the legal BAC limit of .08%, according to We’re not advocating you do that, by the way (TFL has a strict chocolate milk policy for all of its employees at all times).

Crazy Driving Laws

The gents over at U.K.-based Car Keys have put together the infographic above illustrating some of the strangest driving laws from around the world. The origins of some of them are cause for curiosity.

Source: Car Keys