Motor Mountain USA Nebraska Belt Buckle….MISSING

Motor Mountain USA

Alireza Daneshgar just wanted a belt buckle. A fan of our Motor Mountain USA series, he braved his way through torrential rains to Carhenge, near Alliance, Nebraska, and the location of the geocached souvenir belt buckle.

Imagine his surprise, and ours, when he found nothing but the empty box!

This leads us to one of the following conclusions:

  • A brass eating bobcat sniffed out the buckle and is currently gnawing on it on a cave somewhere.
  • Aliens.
  • One of our TFL watchers found the buckle but has yet to send us a selfie.

Remember, when you find the belt buckle, be sure to let us know ASAP so we can publish the news and folks won’t suffer the same fate as Alireza. Send us a selfie of you with the buckle, bonus points if you can fit a Jeep Wrangler into the frame.

And hey, why not bring something to replace the belt buckle and add the co-ordinates to At the very least, take the box with you so it doesn’t turn into litter.

So Alireza won’t be getting a Motor Mountain USA-Nebraska belt buckle, but he will be getting a TFL care package for his troubles.

Tune in Mondays for more Motor Mountain USA. Here’s the latest episode, where Nathan and Andre visit Mt. Rushmore.

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