Completing the MMUSA Adventure on top of Hawaii [Video]

mmusa hawaii 2016 jeep wrangler unlimited volcano
MMUSA Hawaii

Every epic journey must come to an end, and Mauna Kea is the last of the 50 drivable mountain tops for the Motor Mountain USA video series. Mauna Kea is the highest mountain top in the state of Hawaii at 13,796 feet above sea level and it has a road that leads to the top. It may not be higher than the Mount Evans road in Colorado, but the challenge here is that in order to climb Mauna Kea – you have to start at sea level.

Over the past year, the TFL team has been traversing every state in the USA in a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon Hard Rock. You may notice that Roman and Tommy are not in the same Wrangler as went to the rest of the 49 states. Time and budgetary constraints prevented us from shipping the Jeep to and from Hawaii. However, the MMUSA tire cover made it safely and now has the “HI” sticker on it.

Some said it couldn’t be done, but thanks to the hard work of everybody involved, MMUSA will have taken the viewers to every state to get a taste of Americana, as well as provide a long-term test for the Wrangler Rubicon. Over the many miles the Jeep has endured, only one thing has gone wrong… do you remember what it was?

MMUSA has been a unique experience for those involved and it will be remembered forever. The MMUSA Jeep Rubicon rejoined its brethren at the 2016 Easter Jeep Safari. The TFL team is sad to see it go.