Volkswagen Sport Coupe Concept GTE Ushers In New Era of Design [Geneva]

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VW Sport Coupe Concept GTE

The new era of Volkswagen design is coming, and the VW Sport Coupe Concept GTE provides the next view into this future. The first reaction to this sleek four-door coupe may very well be – “It’s the next Volkswagen CC!” We do not know this for sure, but it sure would be a great continuation for the CC. What we do know is that Volkswagen is using this latest concept to preview the “new era” of design for the company.


It means that the headlight and taillight LED signatures, grille design, and some other elements will likely appear on production Volkswagens within the next year or two.


This concept also previews new interior design. There are large touch screens throughout the Sport Coupe Concept’s cabin. They feature 3D graphics and patented ambient light blending. New interfaces allow for control of the HVAC, audio, video, phone, and other functions.

This is a GTE model, so it features a sophisticated gasoline/electric hybrid drive system. It combines a 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 engine that makes 295 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque. If this was not enough, it’s supplemented by two electric motors for all-wheel-drive capability and total system output of 374 horsepower. A smaller 54 horsepower motor is integrated into the 6-speed DGS automatic transmission. The larger 144 horsepower motor drives the rear wheels when necessary.


The car is able to drive in all-electric mode for up to 32 miles. All the power propels the Sport Coupe to 60 mph in 5.0 seconds and can reach a top track speed of 155 mph.

Check out the Cross Coupe GTE concept from the 2014 LA Auto Show. The Cross Coupe is based on Volkswagen’s upcoming crossover platform, and it uses a very similar GTE hybrid system.