Childhood fantasy made real: Yes, the iconic Ferrari F40 was that cool


If you grew up with posters of supercars on your bedroom walls, you’ll immediate recognize the iconic Ferrari F40 as the star of your childhood dreams.


Because the iconic Ferrari F40 was (and perhaps still is) the most Ferrari of Ferraris.

It was the last car that Enzo Ferrari personally oversaw. It was a pure race car that you could drive on the road, and it represented the pinnacle of automotive technology at the time.

Plus it was crazy expensive, cool, and had a huge spoiler that just screamed speed. Oh Yeah, and it was the first production “road car” that could and would exceed 200 MPH. For all of these reason the iconic Ferrari F40 is the stuff of childhood dreams and adult Ferrari fantasy.

That’s also why we love this video by our new friends across the pond in the UK. XCAR produces some of the best automotive videos in the car journalism biz and this XCAR Ferrari F40 video features not one, but two iconic Ferrari F40 Supercars on the race track.

Sit back and turn up the volume and enjoy what is a skillfully crafted video love letter to your younger self.  Watch as XCAR gets up close and very personal with the  iconic Ferrari F40.