Jaguar Altitude Testing New XE Prototype in Colorado [Updated]

Jaguar Prototype High-Altitude Testing in Colorado. Photo: mtnmedic76

Many automakers take advantage of the high altitudes in Colorado to test their new prototypes before they go on sale. Cars could, and often do, operate very differently in the thinner air than they do at sea level. mtnmedic76 snapped snapped some picks of what appears to be a Jaguar XE undergoing that testing procedure.

The driver wasn’t too keen on letting mtnmedic76 snap some photos, but we believe it to be the Jaguar XE small sedan that is set to debut shortly. Jaguar’s 3-Series fighter should provide some interesting competition to the German offerings. Thanks for sending it in!

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Editor’s Note: This article previously appeared as a BMW sighting. Upon further review, it was determined that it is the Jaguar XE.

Chad Kirchner

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