Prague to Pebble Day 2: The Midwest #Prague2Pebble

prague to pebble

Before the Tatra 603 can begin its journey across the United States, we must go to Baltimore and pick it up! We’re taking Project Raptor with a trailer (hopefully we don’t need the trailer) as a support vehicle for the journey home. Along the way to pick it up, the team stopped in Nebraska to pick up something representative of the state they’re in.

What did they get? Watch to find out! There are plenty more shenanigans where that came from! Check out our #Prague2Pebble live tweet page to see the latest updates straight from team, and check back tomorrow for another video update!

Chad Kirchner

Chad Kirchner is a freelance automotive journalist with a sincere passion for the industry and helping people. He’s a member of the Midwest Automotive Media Association and the Texas Auto Writers Association. When not writing about the latest automotive news or vehicles, you can catch him at car shows around the country. Be sure to check him out on social media, including Google+ and Twitter.