Immaculate 1958 Buick Roadmaster goes on an All American Trip [Part 1]

1958 buick road master trip american museum classic

TFLclassics brings you exclusive coverage of this all American road trip.  A beautifully restored 1958 Buick Roadmaster 75 makes the trip from Denver Colorado to the Sloan Longway museum in Flint, Michigan.  Barbara Herbel-Hendricks donated the car that her late husband Ed Hendricks spent nearly five years restoring.

Ed had a vision of the car ending up at the Sloan museum.  He also wanted the car to travel.  Sloan Longway and Buick put two and two together and organized this one of a kind all American trip.  The premise was to take roads, eat at restaurants, and stay at hotels or motels that were around back in 1958 (when this Roadmaster was brand new).  And this is exactly what happened and TFLclassics went along for a ride.

The trip took the team via parts of the historic Route 66 (now I-30).  Come along with us on this multi-part video series.